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20 ans

Histoire de la Prusse/Allemagne
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Un Cuirassier - Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier 

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One week left until I finish work ! I’m so busy and tired.I know I’m not very active here so sorry,and hello to new followers ! 

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Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm von Preußen

Oskar Begas, 1867

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Prussian cuirassiers during the Seven years war, G. Dorn


Paul von Hindenburg, Hindenburg’s coffin in Tannenberg Memorial, 1934.

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Prussian hussar’s tunic in the Austrian style, of which was adopted until around 1850 when the heavily braided dolmans and pelisses of yesteryear were reintroduced for ceremonial purposes. Tunics of this type were worn until the end of the First World War, although by then many of the men who wore them served in capacities other than cavalrymen. 

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26-30 August 1914 - The Battle of Tannenberg

One of the first major battles in World War I, Tannenberg took place in late August 1914, between the Germans and the Russians that had invaded East Prussia.

Over the course of five days, the German Eighth Army under command of Paul von Hindenburg, Erich Ludendorff and Max Hoffmann managed to defeat in detail the numerically superior Russian Second Army under Alexander Samsonov and Paul von Rennenkampf.

By August 29th, the Russian Second Army had been surrounded by the Germans. Only 10 000 men from the original 230 000 Russians managed to escape, with 92 000 dead and about 78 000 captured.

Hindenburg and Ludendorff were subsequently hailed as heroes of the nation, with Hindenburg receiving a Feld Marshal baton after the victory at Lodz. Rather than reporting the disastrous defeat to the Emperor, Samsonov committed suicide the same day the battle ended. Rennenkampf continued to fight for the Russians until November, when he was dismissed and later imprisoned after further defeats at the Masurian Lakes and Lodz, and ultimately executed by the Communists after refusing a position in the Red Army.

The Tannenberg Memorial was built near Hohenstein in 1927 to commemorate the battle.


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Officer of the Guard Cossack Escadron, Prussia, 1813, F. Meyer


Louis Braun - Bayerischer Infanterist Max Lehner Krankenträger der Sanitätskompanie