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Histoire de la Prusse/Allemagne
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September 1, 1870 - The Battle of Sedan

After a disastrous attempt to free the besieged Army of the Rhine at Metz, in which the French lost 5000 men, Napoleon III’s Army of Châlons retreated to Sedan. The Maas Army, the Prussian Third Army and the Bavarian I Corps, under command of Generalfeldmarschall Count Helmuth von Moltke, King Wilhelm II and Baron Ludwig von der Tann, encircled the French Army.

At the end of the day, after heavy fighting, intense bombardment and with no hope of breaking out, Napoleon called off the attacks. The next they, the Emperor surrendered himself and his entire army to the Prussians.

September 2, the day the French surrendered, became an unnofficial holiday. Two weeks after the victory at Sedan, the Prussians started the siege of Paris.

1,2,3. Carl Steffeck - General Reille delivers to King Wilhelm I the letter from Emperor Napoleon III - 1884 - Ruhmeshalle, Berlin, destroyed in WWII

4. Wilhelm Camphausen - Otto von Bismarck escorts Emperor Napoleon III after the Battle of Sedan - 1877 - DHM, Berlin

5. Wilhelm Camphausen - Emperor Napoleon III and Otto von Bismarck  after the Battle of Sedan - 1878

At the library I found a book about WWI for children between 4 and 6 years old.Like “and then,there was bombing and gas and people die”.AND LITTLE DRAWINGS OF DEAD PEOPLE WITH BLOOD.



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Children celebrate Kaiser Wilhelm II’s birthday in 1915.

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In my opinion the glorification of every kind of army troops is senseless and absurd, I’m sorry. You can feel sorry for the men who fell and their families without having to feel pride about the role they played in any war. The glorification and…

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Sorry, I just had this dumb idea

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The Spy

Painted by Alphonse de Neuville in 1880.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II
Mural in Central London

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Cuirassier - France, trumpeter, 1892

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THOMAS COLE. Distant View of Niagara Falls, 1830, oil on canvas.